Celona Travel System

Sadeno Travel System

With a child, even the smallest journeys become the biggest experience. Meet the all new Recaro Travel Systems suiting your journey down to a tee… no matter where you are going!

The modular systems including the Sadena and the Celona are the perfect companions, whether you are at the airport or in the big city. With interchangeable options and customisation at every stage, these Strollers are ideal for your growing children. Compromising of a Seat Unit, Carry Cot, Infant Carrier, ISOFIX Base or a iSize Car Seat, this is not only practical but ensure optimum safety of your baby in any situation.

With a comfortable Seat Unit, the choice is yours; your child can either sit facing you for valuable bonding time or, if there is a lot to discover, keep track of everything facing forward. It is also possible to lay the Seat Unit completely flat to let the baby truly relax or just for a bit of a nap. The matching Carry Cot is perfect for your newborn so that your baby can gently drift to sleep.

Recaro Travel Systems

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