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Callowesse Dinky Wooden Baby Gym

Callowesse Baby Gym

The Callowesse Dinky Play Gym has been designed to support the important early learning stages of your little one, from 0m+. Fitted with 2 Moon & Star designed toys your little one can literally reach for the stars!

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Callowesse Minikin Wooden Dolls House


Make your little one’s playtime dreams come true with the Callowesse Wooden Minikin de-assembled dollhouse. This wooden doll house is perfect for improving your baby’s problem-solving ability, helping the development of their sensory motor skills and allowing them to expand their imagination. The possibilities are endless!

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Callowesse Step-Up Wooden Learning Tower

Callowesse Step Up Learning Tower

The Callowesse Step-Up Learning Tower helps promote independent learning, by safely allowing your toddler to help out in the kitchen; whether it be preparing food, baking or cleaning. Designed with 3-position height adjustments, this kitchen helper is perfect for Children aged from 1 to 4 years, offering plenty of years of use.

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Callowesse Pinto Wooden Rocking Horse

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The Callowesse Pinto Wooden Rocking Horse is made entirely out of genuine coated beechwood, making it the perfect choice for eco-conscious parents. The Pinto has been designed to replicate the look of a horse, adding a more modern twist to make it more unique, than that of other rocking horses. Making it perfect for modern style nurseries and play rooms.

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