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0 – 6 Months

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0 – 12/15 Months

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0 – 4 Years

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9 months – 4 years

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9 months – 6 years

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9 months – 11 years

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4 years – 11 years

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Car Seat Guide

At Olivers Babycare, we know choosing the right Car Seat for your little one can seem like the most daunting task, that’s why we are on hand to make sure you get it right first time. With so much choice on offer it can be tricky to understand exactly what it is your baby needs and what will suit your family best.

It is important to understand Car Seat laws and regulations within the UK; it is also vital to know that all babies must be rearward facing from birth until they are at least 9kg in weight. However, with the introduction of iSize into the UK, experts now say children can be rearward facing up until 4 years of age. But what is iSize…? iSize is the latest regulation in the UK that uses your child’s height to find their perfect Car Seat; the second classification is simply referred to as Group 0 – 3 and will use your child’s weight. The ‘Group’ system that we use on Olivers Babycare will help to identify which Car Seats are suitable for your baby or child; these groups start at Group 0 and go all the way through to Group 3.

By law, all children travelling in a car must use an appropriate Car Seat until they are 135cm in height or 12 years of age, this depends on whichever the child reaches first. Depending on the needs of your little and your lifestyle, there are plenty of different Car Seat groups for you to choose between. For example, a Group 0+ will suit your baby from birth through to 13kg and is a convenient and lightweight option compatible with a travel system for a stress free journey whereas, a Group 0/1/2/3 will suit your baby from birth and will transform to suit them at every stage of growth.

Take your time to find the best Car Seat for your little one to ensure you find something that is right for your family’s needs and your budget. If you need more assistance, you can refer to our Car Seat Buying Guide for all the essential information you need when it comes to choosing your seat. We know having a variety is important, so we stock all the major, trusted brands including Joie, Maxi-Cosi, Cosatto, Cybex and much more.

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